Starting from helping hands to a digital magazine and then establishing a club, making a new addition to the Rawdust Empire is the Rawdust Talkshow. Just like every coin has two sides, every success story has an inspiration behind it. There are a number of young people that made their entry to the world of showbiz earlier than most, and this talk show is a platform for the celebrity youth to share their experiences and showcase their talent.
The host of the talk show is Nikunj Mehta, who is making his way from a budding entrepreneur to a public figure, and is currently on a spree climbing the ladder of success.
Meet the guests of the first episode – the other side of ‘forever hungry’ #KushShah AKA Goli and ‘goody two shoes’ #NidhiBhanushali AKA Sonu from Taraak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma. Catch them getting candid with their bold answers and fun game segments, take a look!

Stay tuned with us or here for the rest of the episodes – lots more inspiration in store!

By the Editorial Team