The Clean & Clear and Vlogger Hunt saw a massive number of entries by aspiring vloggers. Their videos were not only entertaining, but also addressed sensitive issues that the society needs to hear about. But out of the several entries, there were 5 that stood above the rest. These Top 5 Vloggers got to attend a mentoring session from Scherezade Shroff herself! So, here we tell you a little more about these girls who created a major buzz through their videos:

Jenny Mochahari

This 20 year old BMM student from Wilson College, always knew that she wanted to take up Vlogging and explore herself in this field, due to which this contest was a much needed confidence boost for her. Talking about the mentoring session with Scherezade, this is what Jenny had to say,

It was a surreal experience. She was so down to earth, extremely friendly and approachable. She took the effort to watch all of our videos and also gave us an honest feedback, which was an eye opener for me. She gave us helpful tips and tricks, explicit information about the gadgets and equipment she uses for her videos. All in all it was an amazing session.

Here’s one of Jenny’s splendid vlogs:

Sagarika Malla

Currently a fashion, styling & image design student at Pearl Academy, Sagarika thoroughly enjoyed the Vlogger hunt, since she got an opportunity to express herself and put her thoughts forward to the world. She already has her own blog, chasinggmagic, where she writes about the latest fashion trends. Sagarika too, found the feedback from Scherezade extremely productive which will help them while making their fourth video as well as in the future.

Watch Sagarika speak up on Domestic Violence:

Mahek Chacha

This vlogger, whose hobbies include cooking, eating, writing, sleeping & ofcourse vlogging, is a student at Jai Hind College. When asked about how her Vlogger Hunt journey has been so far, this is what Mahek had to say,

Being part of this Vlogger Hunt made me realise just how much work goes into making videos. Vlogging has been my dream for long enough now, and this Hunt gave me a proper push into the right direction, with the right platform. Once again, I was given the chance to be completely raw about who I was, what my life is like, and how much I love sharing it with people.

For Mahek, having Scherezade mentor her was an honour.

Scherezade Shroff is, in reality, every bit of charming, quirky and kind as she is in her videos. Just by meeting her one time, anyone can figure why she is so good, and so successful at what she does. I love her!

Watch Mahek’s 5 Day test on a Clean & Clear Product:

Chandni Dialani

Already a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Chandni has been blogging since she was 15 years old and switched to YouTube in the year 2014. This National College BMM student loves makeup, animals, traveling, and history & enjoys making videos for her channel. For her, the Vlogger Hunt has been as amazing as it has been challenging. Balancing exams and the Hunt taught her how to stick to timelines and schedules. When she spoke about depression in her third video, a lot of people related to it and even got in touch with her to talk about it, which was also the case with her first video wherein she spoke about bullying.

Chandni has known Scherezade for a long time now, and she is one of the reasons Chandni started her own channel! Scherezade has been a great motivation for her throughout the journey, & so to be mentored by her was an entirely new experience.

I feel so appreciative of her constructive criticism and hope to implement all her suggestions in my coming videos. Also, I got to meet the other girls from the top 5 and they’re all so wonderful and talented! We all got Clean and Clear goodies so that was really cool!

Check out Chandni’s review on one of Clean & Clear’s products:


Noorin Sha

This Mithibaiite describes herself as a movie star, whose story is filled with glamour, drama & oodles of entertainment. For Noorin, the Vlogger Hunt has been a rollercoaster ride where she got to explore her creativity in this world of social media.

I just realized no matter how creative you want your videos to look in the end vlogging is all about what comes from your heart. For me vlogging is not a job, it’s my passion and I’m so glad that and Clean & Clear are encouraging this passion and helping us build ourselves not just as vloggers but as entrepreneurs.

Watch Noorin putting smiles on a lot of faces with her innovative idea:


By the Editorial Team.