The Clean & Clear and Vlogger Hunt shone light on some of the most incredible and ambitious women. But one of them stood above the rest; one who poured her heart and soul into all the videos she made, & won many hearts in the process. Meet the winner of this Vlogger Hunt- Noorin Sha!

Noorin, who has entertained people on radio as well as in movies, discovered that her true passion lies in vlogging. During this one month journey, she realized how much she loved doing this, & more than competing with the others, she started competing with herself, striving to produce better videos with every task.

I got a lot of constructive criticism from Sherry Shroff which was much needed as it pushed me to give my 100%. Towards the end of this journey, I had learnt so much that it didn’t bother me if I won or lost because I felt like a winner already!


For one of her tasks, Noorin went around town taking selfies with people on the streets- people who we wouldn’t interact with otherwise. She describes that day as one of her best since she was so overwhelmed with the fact that she put a smile on so many faces!

When asked about how she felt when she found out that she had won the contest, this is what Noorin had to say,

I felt so damn good! I was in the car with my friends and I yelled “Guys I won, I won!” And all of us started yelling and screaming in the car in the middle of this mad Mumbai traffic. Honestly I thought I had lost cause just an hour prior to the result I got an email from Clean and Clear saying ‘Well done! It’s not about winning or losing..’ and in my head I was like ‘Damn, guess I didn’t make it.’ But an hour later everything just changed and I was on top of the world!


Noorin aspires to become one of the leading vloggers, & share all her thoughts with the audience. In the process, she also wants to build her family & her community that will sail with her in this journey.

Signing off, the fab vlogger said,

I’ve always been a boss lady and vlogging just brings out the best boss in me! So, if you are still reading this, you are awesome and you should go & subscribe to my channel right now to be a part of my madness. Because in the end we all have that little spark of madness in us and we must never lose it!

With Noorin’s enthusiasm and creativity she is only going to soar greater heights! And we can’t wait to watch more of her incredible vlogs.


By the Editorial Team.