Theatre lovers, we have some exciting news! The HIVE is organising an event for their upcoming theatre festival at Brewbot Eatery on the 6th of July at 8 pm, and the students of St Xavier’s College, Mumbai are going to be presenting  an extremely interesting musical- The Murder of Cinderella.

Written and directed by a SYBMM student of Xavier’s, Evita-Marie Marques, this play is a reflection of the modern world where good and evil resides within the same person. This neo-noir story explores themes of revenge, betrayal, love and obsession.

The Murder of Cinderella, as the title would perhaps suggest, does not contain a “happily ever after”. The events take place after Cinderella is engaged to be married to Prince Charming. A sinister plot unfolds wherein Cinderella finds herself in terrible danger and there is no one that can save her from her impending doom. This classic fairytale has been re-imagined by creating characters that are far more complex and jaded than the original. A story that begins when it ends.. The aftermath of Cinderella where she discovers that there may be no such thing as a happily ever after..

This version retains 4 of the original characters- Cinderella, Prince Charming, Step Mother & Fairy Godmother and adds a variety of others- Princess Ivy (the sister of Prince Charming), The Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender, Wilhelm Strabos (a bar owner), Adella Strabos (a young waitress) and Jacob Grimm (an ode to the actual writers of Cinderella: the Grimm Brothers).


The musical instruments used, such as the acoustic guitar, the bass guitar, Midi keys, Cajon and the violin, add a very interesting dimension to the entire setting of this intriguing play. All music and song lyrics have been originally composed and arranged for it and the play features a harmonious blend of modern and vintage design with most of the characters dressed in today’s clothing but using the language of the past.

This brilliant play has also been presented at a couple of competitions before, as well as at Xaviers, and has even received a standing ovation from the judges! Knowing how well this musical has been accepted by the theatre community, we can’t wait to go watch it ourselves, and we’re sure you can’t either.

So make sure you are at Brewbot, Andheri at 8 pm today, watching a more realistic and inspiring version of our favourite fairy tale.


By the Editorial Team.