3 Reasons Gigs Are The Cool New Thing

We give you three reasons to RSVP to all those gigs you’ve been invited to!


Live Music


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There’s something about experiencing music live that’s powerful enough to get the most introverted people to sway in their seats. The rise in the number of gigs taking place across the country is exciting, because there’s something in it for everyone! Places host gigs by both – accomplished and budding artists, each with a unique personality, and sometimes, even a genre that’s unheard of.


Why Watch It On Instagram When You Could Watch It Live?

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A night in with friends sounds great, until you hear of that one band you’ve been wanting to watch live for so long. Gigs are also a fun way to meet new people, or perform at places and gauging your audience, or just having fun with a group of people with similar interests. There’s no reason for you to deny yourself a fun evening out. Avoid FOMO, ditch those hours of insta-scrolling, and treat yourself to some great lighting (and eventually, photo ops).


Spot That Trend

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Admit it: you’re way more likely to follow a trend you saw at a gig, than to follow one you saw at that fashion week. Even the craziest experiments count as a statement. (BTW, we’re seeing really cool outfits on #DressedToGig¬†on Instagram. Check it out and let us know your favs!)


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By the ATKT.in Editorial Team.

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