This First Year Student’s Doodles Are Worth Every Second Of Your Time

Aadra Jain, First Year Student from MSI doodles like a pro- here’s why!

Aadra Jain, a first year student of Bachelor of Business Administration at Maharaja Surajmal Institute, New Delhi. While she at college studies to be an entrepreneur, her idea of recreation is to doodle mythical creatures.

Aadra’s first art competition was in class 3rd in Mount Carmel School, which was then followed by more competitions, many of which she won. She claims that she isn’t perfect at her art: that she’s learning by observing her mother’s paintings.




“I’ve always been into it and now my doodles are effortless, but I’m still learning. Art is like meditation to me. It’s an escape from my monotonous schedule; it elates me.”


Aadra claims to be only a percent of her mother’s talent-the latter is both, her critic and her teacher. As an artist herself, her mother believes that she has the potential to be far better than what  Aadra thinks. After 12th, she embarked on the journey of trying to gauge her creativity, during which she also discovered her love for poetry and photography.

Aadra firmly believes that colleges should support artists’ needs to grow, and encourage their creativity by arranging for platforms that would help them in any way possible – no matter what field it is. She concludes by saying that she wishes for art to be available to everyone who wishes to dive into it.
Here’s looking forward to more lovely doodles!


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By the Editorial Team.