Ahmedabad Musicians – You Could Get Your Tracks Recorded For Free

We’ve all used platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube to upload and share our music for free, but who doesn’t know that getting your track recorded professionally could be a huge financial burden on young musicians. Getting studio time is not only quite expensive but also requires a larger team with more expertise when it comes to producing, mixing and mastering. This barrier to entry should be a thing of the past and real talent should be given the platform to create, which is one of the core beliefs of Compass Box Studios in Ahmedabad. 

Compass Box Studio was founded by musician Raag Sethi to promote and support indie musicians and original indie music within the city of Ahmedabad. To ease the stress of funding, producing and mastering tracks for young musicians, the studio allows them access to dedicated mix engineers, artist management, videographers, social media coordinators as well as an in house band with professional, jazz, blues and rock experience of their own.  

“As any young, budding musician can tell you, it really isn’t easy making it in the industry. We offer a unique initiative where we record, produce and publish a professional single for artists that we believe have the talent, absolutely free of cost”  

Through the series “Live Sessions”, artists are given the opportunity to record their track as well as an accompanying video in one take allowing for greater fluidity in both its audio and its video elements. Recently, HeatSink – a jazz-prog band based in Ahmedabad, debuted their EP “Euphony” which was produced and recorded entirely at Compass Box Studios as well as young college musicians such as Rohan Chaudhary from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar who recently recorded his single “Misery” at the Studio. 

With a season 2 of Live Sessions currently in the works featuring many more artists and several nation-wide headliners, they also have a lot more planned for the future 

“Compass Box has also expanded to Poetry Sessions where we invite spoken word artists to come record their work, accompanied by our in-house musicians. We’re also really proud to announce that Compass Box Studio will be releasing India’s first live recorded indie compilation album, featuring artists we have worked with produced and recorded entirely at CBS. Essentially, we can’t wait to keep growing and trying our best to promote and inculcate the rising indie-music scene in the country by doing our part!” 

You, too, can be a part of the community! If you’re a writer, poet, artist, videographer, or can take the stage by storm, hit us up here! 

Contact Compass Box Studios – [email protected]