Meet Arjun, the Brilliant Filmmaker from Jai Hind College

Time and again, we have seen what passion for an artform can create. Be it a dance routine, musical composition or performance poetry, it is the love for what you do that shows in your art. The case of our next Boombox talent is no different. Arjun Punjabi, a second year Bachelor of Mass Media student from Jai Hind College loves filmmaking and photography. And though he has only recently discovered his passion, his work belies this fact completely.

Arjun started making films only 10 months ago, during his first year of college. It all started with his interest in photography, which eventually led to a further exploration of the visual medium.

“I was always fascinated by the idea of photography because it was about capturing moments in pictures which would then turn into becoming eternal. And eventually getting more into the subject of filmmaking I learned how a mixture of visuals and sound has an impact on the audience. This power of impacting people or telling a story drove me to the art of cinema.”

Soon enough, Arjun discovered his niche interest, which was travel filmmaking.

“Talking about travel filmmaking, I personally am a big fan of travel and so I always used to search for travel films on YouTube. The travel films on the web are so good that it might actually influence you to travel and art of travel filmmaking actually demands traveling, that was the primary reason that drove me towards travel films.”

His short travel film, called ‘Chal Himachal’, proves that his talent is only going to grow more and leave us just as breathless.

Watch his beautifully captured film here:

Arjun’s inspiration comes from his belief that filmmaking is a tool that has the power to bring out a message and tell a story visually.

Although currently, Arjun wants to continue pursuing travel filmmaking, he eventually hopes to delve into other forms as well.

You can check out Arjun’s works on his YouTube channel and Instagram page,

By the Editorial Team.