Article Shortlist – Video Guidelines

  1. Preferably to be shot on a DSLR at 1920×1080 resolution and 25fps. If shooting on phone, make sure resolution is set to Full HD and shoot the video horizontally.
  2. Ensure one camera is kept on a tripod at a front angle or a similar steady surface and a full shot of the performer is in the frame at all times.
  3. If it is a two-camera shoot, ensure at least one camera is steady and covers the performers at all times.
  4. Please ensure that there is no light source behind the performer. The light source should be in front of the performers, behind the camera.
  5. For performances with audio setup, preferably use microphones to record the audio separately.
  6. In case camera audio is being used, make sure the performance is shot in a completely quiet room with NO ambient sound.
  7. Please share only YouTube or Google drive links.
  8. Make sure the Google drive link has open access.