Article Top Duet Dance Performances

Dance events are the life and soul of college festivals. Whether its street dance or solo, choreography or group dance, they always end up garnering the most attention and the maximum amount of love from everyone. Going through the mind blowing talent that we captured at college fests last year, we realized that some of our favourite dance performances are duets! So, today we bring to you our Top 3 duet dance performances. Here we go:

Dyal Singh College At AIIMS’ Pulse

This one NEVER ceases to blow our minds away. It is one performance that you will watch on repeat and still not be able to get enough of. The energy, the stunts, the expressions- everything is on point. So while we gush about Pulkit & Sakshi’s dance some more, you go ahead and watch it to see what we mean:

Shivaji College At AIIMS Pulse

From the beginning till the end, there was not a moment when we could take our eyes off Shreyansh & Joel in the fear that we’d miss out on some of their phenomenal moves! Making you want to get up and dance with them, this was their amaze performance:

Yin & Yang Dance At St. Xaviers’ Malhar*

These students left the audience spellbound with their performance. Portraying the Yin & Yang theme superbly, here’s their breathtaking performance:

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By the Editorial Team.