Music Top Folk Dance Performances

We probably have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. You ask why? Because we have to pick a top 3 from the different styles from the sea of great performances we witnessed over the last year. Last week we looked at the Top Student Films, and this week we come back to dancing.

We previously showed you the Top Street Dance Routines, Top Western Group Dance Routines and also Top Duet Dance Performances; This week we bring you Top Folk Dance performances and boy are you in for a treat!
Over the last year we saw some bedazzling performances by students from across the country. Great costumes, song picks and energy levels, but the clear highlight of these performances were the choreography, techniques, coordination and the overall presentation.

Here are our Top 3 Folk Dance performances from the last year.

Rajasthani Folk Dance by Xavier’s Students at Malhar ’16

This St. Xavier’s troop performed this Rajasthani Folk Dance piece at their own college fest, Malhar, and stole hearts and more. Watch as these girls do the Ghoomar and use earthen pots to show their talent.

Raas Performance by Maharaja Agrasen College Students at Hindu’s Mecca

This power packed Raas performance by the young students of Delhi University college Maharaja Agrasen, gave us the Ram-Leela flashbacks. With their insane energy it was next to impossible to not feel pumped up. The dandias only add to their performance.

Folk Dance by Vivekananda College Students at Hindu’s Mecca

Another masterpiece we spotted was at Hindu College’s Mecca. It was this performance by Vivekananda College. Their style, energy, poise totally got to us. Look at them bling!

Shall we all sign up for some classes now then?

By the Editorial Team.