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Khushbu Kirti Launches Her New Book ‘Wind in my Wings’ This Sunday!

There’s a lot of reasons why we can’t wait for this weekend. Not only do we have another ATKT Talent Tent in Delhi, but we’re also celebrating one of the brightest young talents in the Delhi poetry scene. Khushbu Kirti, a former student of Motilal Nehru College in Delhi, has been a regular feature at our poetry events and will launch ‘Wind In My Wings’, her second book consisting of 44 poems.
Hailing from Lucknow, Khushbu is an alumnus of La Martiniere Girls’ College and is currently pursuing her Masters in English from Lucknow University. Coming from a family of poets, She’s also a regular blogger, a freelance writer and a passionate dancer along with engaging in charitable contributions. The poems in the book “traverse the extremes of phases in life as they highlight every nostalgic event in an individual’s life, or the feeling they get on a very significant day, a thought they may have at 3 am, or merely emotions they live through and cannot explicate.” Trying to sort out the complex web of thoughts and emotions in the human mind or heart through the rhythmic world of poetry, Khushbus new book is bound to leave you enamoured. Here’s what she has to say:
“Wind in my Wings” is basically a poetry book, it’s a collection of 44 poems and is the sequel to “My First Flight”, also a poetry book with 44 poems. The thing about me is that I like expressing, it’s one thing I’m good at and one thing that keeps me going. I pen down whatever I’m feeling and I’ve done it so often that now I reach what Wordsworth calls ‘a transcendental state’ whenever i sit down to write poetry. This state of ecstasy is what I want to find, and relive it. Because it helps me resurrect, it makes me experience catharsis and I forget the world when I am writing or performing poetry. I think that is what I am after”
“Later, I curate the writings into books because my dream is to become a writer. That’s a field that makes me happy. The idea behind the book is to make my readers experience this very catharsis I’m talking of, to make them hear their own emotions and validate them. When they read something, and relate with it or connect to it, they heal in a way unknown to even the reader”

Khushbu has also curated a lineup of some of her favourite poets for the event with the aim of making people fall in love with poetry before even thinking of reading her book.

“I’ve studied in Delhi for 3 years and have mingled well with different poetry circles in the city. I have attended competitions at DU level, IIT and also a number of open mics and you see a few faces often in the circle. These are the famous poets while when the speak, there is not a single person in the audience who is unattentive. These are some of the best poets I’ve had the chance to know, both in the world of Hindi poetry and English. And most of them are good friends of mine and were thus, happy to perform in the event of what I call a big day for myself”

The lineup for the evening includes Farah Aziz, Adnan Mughal, Ambuj Sen Patra, Himanshu Singh, Sristi Ray and Seep Agrawal. The event will be taking place on the 10th of November at Coho, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Written by the ATKT Editorial Team

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