This Jamia Millia Islamia College Poet Is Also An Amazing Artist

Amaan Khan, who recently got through MA in mass communication from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi is one such artist whose art is intertwined with both poetry and doodles. 

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is eloquent painting.”

The very first time Amaan stared at one of his drawing on a 10×15 feet flex during a school event, was when he thought that he could really make something of his abilities. Elated beyond measure; since then moments have come which surpass the magnanimity of the scale on which his works have been displayed, it still remains to have had the biggest impact on him.

Here you can steal a glance of Amaan’s artwork inspired through his poetry:

“Metamorphosis of one
Who is nothing in comparison
To the brilliant light of their god
Begins. He’s no more a son,
But in command of the garrison
Of those rebels, he’s their Lord.”

Don’t we love how lines can turn into something so abstract, yet so incredible?

Here’s a glimpse of another one-

“Monsters and robots,
Hiding in my closet,
Whispering, screaming their insanity.
People and zombies,
Going to the Markets,
Putting a price on their humanity.”

Amaan mentions that he finds the artist more intriguing than the particular art.

 “In their art, whichever form it takes, they tell us something different, which is uniquely human, and it makes their form worth exploring,” he says.

So what got you into this?

It has always been a goal of mine, and it’s true, to explore different mediums of storytelling, be it art, written stories, poetry, music, films. Also, I should mention my elder brother Amjad who had a very influential role to play in providing me with the kind of exposure to the pop culture, especially western, which otherwise i wouldn’t have gotten.”

Amaan has been drawing non-stop ever since his TeleTubbies and Shaktiman days, so there you have it. His bond with poetry grew in his mid-teen years, as he developed a knack for reading.

However, I didn’t venture into writing anything serious until my college days”, he laughs.

Astonished by his impeccable work, I move on to my next obvious question. Where do you draw inspiration from?

“Ah, the list would never end. In fine arts, I look up to people like Kerby Rosanes, Sajid Wajid Sheikh, Mattias Adolfsson, Zio Zeigler, El Seed. In poetry, poets of today like Kei Miller, Piyush Misha, Gulzar (obviously), Divya Dureja, Priyanka Menon. But also extending to legendary poets like Langston Hughes, Shakespeare, John Keats, Allen Ginsberg, T S Eliot, Margaret Atwood.”

He further narrates how his parents have always had his back.
“Their support is one of the strongest pillars on which my pursuit stands,” he shrugs.

Apart from this, Amaan can play guitar, and also there’s a tad bit of vocalist in him.  

“I have performed as at various small gigs around my hometown, in cafes and carnivals. Delhi is somewhere I’ve decided to explore now, for the fun and love of it. Although I do want to dabble with other instruments, especially a harmonica.”

For this artist it has always been about improving, and not giving up. Undoubtedly, the process is time taking but he believes that patience and hardwork are the key for living one’s own dream. We wish Amaan good luck for his future endeavours, and hope to catch a glimpse of his artwork more often.


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Written by Lipi Bag.

Edited by the Editorial Team.