This Convener Of IIT Guwahati’s Alcheringa Is Also An Incredible Dancer & Musician

Meet Shah, the Convener of Alcheringa 2018 is not just an expert in different dance styles, but is also an excellent drummer and guitarist. 


Team Alcheringa or Alcher Family, as the Organising Committee call it, is made up of highly talented and astute students. Apart from making the festival one of India’s biggest and finest, every Alcher family member has a flair for various extracurricular activities.

Meet Shah is one of those. His expertise in various dancing style has been a significant contribution in making Cadence a top-tier cultural club of the college. Not only this, but Meet is also an excellent drummer and guitarist and have won many music competitions at higher levels.

Meet says that he had this zest for music and dance since childhood. Inspired by many contemporary artists, he had always been inquisitive for learning and improving in every domain of art forms. In his very first year of college, Meet won many inter and intra solo and group dance competitions. Cadence dance group owes the title of first runner up in Electric Heels, one of the biggest dance competitions, to Meet Shah. He has always been an integral part of Cadence and Octaves and the whole college knows him by his proficiency in each domain.

According to Meet, organising such a big festival instills in him the feeling of impeccability and the importance of the yearn, for being the best. As an artist, it contributes to the focus and hard work for achieving the exemplariness in what one is good at.

This eminence, focus and hard-working personality that can be seen through his excellence in almost all walks of life proves that Meet is an unparalleled Convener under whose guidance, the whole team works flawlessly and tirelessly. Along with managing India’s second largest cultural festival, Meet still mentors the freshmen working in different Alcher teams and also who are involved in cultural clubs like Cadence and Octaves. Such zeal for furtherance of general cultural environment in college and a hunger for perfection evinces that Meet Shah will definitely make Alcheringa 2018, Echoes of Innocence one of the most successful editions.

Written by the Alcheringa Team.

Edited by the Team.