Counting Down to IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous

IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous is one of the largest and most anticipated college festivals in the country. This grand showcase of talent invites participants from over 650 colleges in the country. This year, the cultural festival sets in on the 21st of October and will host over 250 events in a span on 4 days. With the festival drawing closer, here are a few of the things you must know about the extravagant Rendezvous: 

Sea of Attendees 

IIT Delhi Rendezvous

With around 225 events, a footfall of over 70,000, 13,000+ participants and 170+ artists from more than 20 countries, one can only imagine the massive scale at which this fest is carried out. No doubt, you have to be there to experience the thrill for yourself.

IIT Delhi- The Township 

IIT Delhi Fest Venue

IIT Delhi has the biggest college campus in all of Delhi, which means that the festival takes place in the absolute largest arena one could imagine! It’s like two battlegrounds on either side of the campus- one for the day and the other for the night! Fantastic, isn’t it? Pro Tip: Don’t forget to carry your walking shoes! 

Social Awareness 

Social Awareness IIT Delhi

Every year, the students of IIT Delhi take up a social cause to spread awareness about. With a number of interesting and thought-provoking themes for the same, the students have always made it to the headlines for their contribution to society. This year, with social theme being Pehchaan- breaking stereotypes, they facilitated “Free Hugs from Acid Attack Victims”– which was a great success. 

Stars Galore- Pronites

ProNites at IIT Delhi

As if the festival wasn’t enough, Pronites add all the star-studded glamour to the four-day celebration. One of the biggest attractions of the festival, a number of artists perform at Rendezvous for diverse shows ranging from Blitzkreig (The Rock Night), Kaleidoscope (The EDM Night) and Saaz (The Classical Night), to name a few. With every show featuring at least one celebrity, singer or band, this adds another ‘Must Do’ to our bucket lists. 

Talent Hunt

IIT Delhi Talent Hunt

An Favourite, the Talent Hunt at Rendezvous is known for showcasing some of the most amazing, mind-blowing young talent of the country. Everything is spotted here- breathtaking choreography, soulful music, hilarious theatre acts and even stunning art work! What’s more? All of this is held at the largest of large scales one can imagine, all of which is meticulously planned and executed by the super crew of students. 

Rendezvous is undoubtedly one college fest where you will not only have the best time of your lives but will also be awed and stunned by the energy, enthusiasm and fervour.  

Quoting the Rendezvous team, “It is a 4 day extravaganza with equal parts of awesomeness in organisation and turnout. We are young, wild, free and exuberant.”

Don’t think you need any more reasons to be there for this one, right? 

Stay tuned for more!


By the Editorial Team