Dancers- Here’s Why Venky’s Nexus Is Heaven

The 3 Day cultural extravaganza jointly hosted by the Fine Arts Society & Students Union of Sri Venkateswara College, Nexus is just around the corner. We for one, can’t wait for all the excitement to actually come to life because it’s been a while since we’ve been obsessing over all the things that make it UH-Mazing!

One of the most consistent events of Nexus down the years, the dance competitions are the perfect way to have the audience charged and on their feet with the infectious energy of the performers raising the spirits of all around. This event sees dance troupes from across the university complete for the mantle of Best Western Dance Team. Where words are not enough to do justice, the emotions and passion behind these events do.

We’re not joking when we say this is more than heaven for dancers and dance lovers. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Dance Competition Roster!

Western Dance Solo

To be hosted on Day 2 of Nexus (24th Feb), the western dance solo competition allows participants to showcase their talent in a time span of 3-5 minutes. Choose your style from street to hip-hop or just take to the stage to flaunt those amazing stunts. Coming solo? Here’s your stage!



When almost every other fest has got it, how would Nexus fall behind? Coming alive on the Venky stage on Day 1 (23rd Feb), the choreography competition will bring together some of the best groups and troupes battling it out with their innovative and power-packed performances- with a message!


Western Group Dance

If thematic dances aren’t your troupes calling, Nexus doesn’t have a problem—nah, not even a bit! The Western Group Dance competition will bring together a number of fiery performances with everything you wished you could do- flip, roll, pump and even twerk! Catch these stunning college group dancers prove their mettle at Nexus on Day 2 (24th Feb).


Duo Thematic Dance

Sometimes, a choreography competition is difficult to participate in because it requires a group of people. Catering to this problem and the fact that the best sometimes is found in pairs, Nexus brings to dance jodis to showcase their talent in the Duo Thematic Dance competition. Participants will take to the stage on Day 2 (24th Feb) with two fusion dance elements depicting a theme.


Thirak : Folk Group Dance

No, that’s not all. Venky’s Nexus sure knows how to treat the audience well because we’ve not seen a dance roster extend this long. Ever. For folk dance and Indian dance lovers, Nexus presents Thirak- the group folk dance competiton to be held on Day 1 (23rd Feb). This event allows for a showcase of only pure Indian folk culture. Can’t wait to watch this one, can you?


Mudra- Classical Solo Dance

Classical dance forms in India are recognized by the Sangeet Natak Akademi and Nexus provides young artists affiliated with any of these dance forms to take to the stage on Day 1 (23rd Feb). With performers showcasing their talent in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniyattam, Odissi and Sattriya Nritta, this is sure to be one of the most interesting and captivating events to look out for!



Street Dance

The one that’s probably EVERYONE’s favorite- the street dance competition is where you get to see all the energy, thumping, stomping and stunt-filled routines. Catch the best college dance troupes battle it out pure street style on Day 2 (24th Feb) of Nexus. We assure you it’ll be nothing like you’ve seen before.


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By the Editorial Team