Dhruv Rajpal Drops ‘5 Years’ Ahead of EP Release

Dhruv Rajpal AKA D₹V, a 21-year-old musician and a member of the Cypher, recently came out with his newest single ‘5 Years’. Check it out!


Dhruv Rajpal released ‘5 Years’ – a song about love and mental health – four days ago, and has received a lot of love, and we see why! Dhruv is currently working on his EP, and while any news of this EP is strictly under wraps, he assures us that he will release it by the end of this year.

Dhruv, a law student at Amity Law School in Delhi, has been playing the guitar ever since he was less than 10 years old. He started writing and producing music in 2017. Motivated by the independence that comes with creating one’s own music, he shares that on most days, all he needs is his laptop and he’s good to go. Excited as we are for more to come, if you (like we at are impatient, you can follow him on his Instagram at @dhruvrajpal for snippets of his newer releases.

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By the Editorial Team.