1. When registering, the audio/video link submitted, do I have to perform the same track at the try-outs?
No, you can perform any of your own compositions.


2. When will the try-outs happen?
We will announce the city wise try-out dates by the 20th of Oct.


3. Can I get a friend to the try-outs if I am shortlisted?
Yes, it is free entry, and we encourage you to get as many as you want


4. Will the performances be recorded?
Yes, the video of the performance will go online on ATKT’s media channels. The rights to the song will remain solely with the performer.


5. If I win the try-outs for a particular city, will I have to record the same song performed during the try-out for the compilation?
No, you can record any of your compositions for the compilation.


6. Where will this compilation be available?
This compilation will be available online on all streaming platforms. We have partnered with OKListen who will be handling distribution for the compilation album.


7. If I win, when will the recording session be?
We will schedule a day and time based on your availability, studio availability and producer availability.


8. Which studio will we record in? Who will be the producer?
We shall announce that in the days following the city try-outs date announcements


9. If I win the city try-outs, when will I get the prize money?
On the day of the try-outs itself at the end of the event


10. Who will be judging these try-outs?
We will be announcing the judge or judges citywise in the days following the city try-outs date announcements


11. Can I get another musician to accompany me on stage for the performance?
No, this is strictly a solo acoustic singer songwriter performance. No duos/trios/accompanying musicians will be allowed


12. Can I sing a song in my mother tongue?
You can perform the song in any language as long as it is an original composition and not a cover/folk song re-worked/mashup.


13. I turn 24 years old in December. Can I register?
Yes, as long as you are under 24 and/or still a college student. You will have to show a valid college ID card on the try-outs day.



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