The Fusion Dance Club’s Moving Performance At Unmaad

The Fusion Dance Club of Women’s Christian College, Chennai, believes in making a change with their art. Their performance at Unmaad, IIM Bangalore’s annual cultural fest, is about the plight of Indian farmers.

The students, ranging from fields like commerce and visual  communication, have been performing together for 3 years. They always try to convey a message to their viewers with their stunning acts. Here’s what they had to say about their most recent performance, titled ‘Methane’.


“The farmer’s plight is of grave importance and it’s something everyone should be aware of.  It’s very important for people to realise that in every yield they consume, there are sleepless nights, toiling in the sun, months’ worth of hard work, and sacrifices made by the farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy. We wanted to portray the story through the farmer’s perspective, and that’s why we chose to take this as our theme.”


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