Gopal’s Popping Dance Routine Blew Our Minds

At IIT Chennai’s Saarang ’18 Gopal, a student of Cavalier Animation & Media College, Bangalore, left each and every one in the audience speechless with his performance.

In just two and a half minutes, Gopal shows a tremendous amount of versatility- whether it’s robotics, bone breaking or tutting, he’s done it all, and that too brilliantly. Gliding effortlessly on stage without missing a single beat, isn’t as simple as he has made it look like. And we didn’t dare take our eyes away lest we missed another mind-blowing move!

After beginning his journey in the year 2006, he went on to master various forms of dance- animation, robotics, mime, hip-hop & bone breaking. His hardwork, dedication & talent clearly shine through in his performance.

If you want to catch him live, he’s going to be performing at Jain University Bangalore very soon.

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By the Editorial Team.