Have You Heard The Super Banjara Music Project

Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia has always been a massive storehouse of talent. From Monis Khan to Rohan Mehra, they have all left us stunned with their exceptional talents and so, it came as no surprise to us when the next group of brilliant talent too, came from Jamia. Adding to the list of the brilliant musicians we have come across, is the band- The Banjara Music Project. A 4th year Bachelors of Architecture student, Abhinav Guppta, is the lead singer and founder of the band. Abhinav’s story goes back to when he first saw his grandpa playing the harmonica. He started off by taking up the keyboard and harmonica, and slowly shifted to the guitar in the 6th grade. Soon after joining college, he picked up various percussion and string instruments.

When asked about how he came about forming Banjara, here’s what he had to say,

One day while jamming in the parking lot of the University I came across two brilliant guitarists and we were soon joined by a bassist and a tabla player. And that’s how Banjara was initiated in its own Nomadic manner. We chose the name Banjara as we don’t stick to a genre, we play whatever sounds interesting.


Every member of the band has been playing their respective instruments since they were in school, but as The Banjara Music Project, they performed for the first time in 2014 at Jamia’s Festival. Since then, they have played at numerous college festivals including their own University’s departments like Talimi Mela, Miras, Fenestration, Aalen & more. They have also performed at commercial gigs in kitschy places such as Qla and HKV, and are going to be playing at CP and Cyber Hub in the near future!

Inspired by all sounds that soothe their ears, the Bands major aim is to jam and come up with new ideas. But because of their extremely busy schedules, they weren’t being able to perform or jam as much as they wanted to, and so they came up with the unique idea of jamming with virtual drums and guitars in the car!

Here, take a look:

Abhinav gives credit for their band to Jamia, since he met all the other bandmates there and aspires to be a music producer who can play every instrument that comes his way, and is currently experimenting with a crazy 19 instruments!

We can’t wait to see more of The Banjara Music Project, & we’re pretty sure you can’t too!


By the Editorial Team.