Everything You Need To Know About Xavier’s Indian Music Group ‘Viraasat’

Ever since its inception in 1973, the Indian Music Group (IMG), an integral part of St. Xavier’s College, has carved a glorious name for itself. The IMG aims to preserve India’s rich musical heritage and keep the youth connected to their roots by evoking a sense of appreciation in them for classical performing arts. Over the years, the IMG has hosted some of the country’s biggest classical names through multiple events and concerts. Not only this, the IMG has also been highly successful in procuring the best young talents and channeling them in the right direction with the help of several student-based concerts. Various such events organized and represented solely by youngsters continue to remain the highlight of the IMG. One of these is the well-known “Viraasat,” one of the most awaited and popular concerts of the IMG.

The word Viraasat translates to legacy. Viraasat aims to collate and put forward everything it has to offer to the world. The highlight of this concert is that it provides a strong platform for youngsters to display their prowess in the art of their choice. The main idea Viraasat carries is to give the right kind of push that budding artists need in their journey to mastery; it nurtures, supports and encourages these gems of Indian Classical Art forms. They believe that every voice needs a platform and every dancer needs a stage.

This grand student concert has witnessed some spectacular performances through the years; few of the artists who have performed here include Ustad Zakir Hussain, Dr. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande, Shri Niladri Kumar and Shri Shankar Mahadevan. This year’s lineup is no different, with it being a marvel in itself.

Session 1 presents the grace and elegance of Kathak dancers. Disciple of Guru Smt. Vidyahari Deshpande and her disciples, Parmeshwari Bhumkar and daughter and disciple of Mrs. Shilpa Datar, Gargi Datar will be seen performing here.

Session 2 offers a beautiful rendition of vocals by Deepika Bhide Bhagwat, a disciple of Pt. Madhukar Buwa Joshi and Vidushi Shubha Joshi, who will be accompanied by Tanay Rege on the tabla and Harshal Kardare on the harmonium.

The concluding Third Session features child prodigies S. Akash, a disciple of Pt. Ronu Majumdar, and Ishaan Ghosh, son and disciple of Pt. Nayan Ghosh, casting a musical spell with their flute and tabla, respectively.

This most certainly makes for a perfect Saturday evening! So, make sure you grab this amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Indian performing arts.

Date: 11th of November

Time: 3 PM onwards

Venue: Hall of St. Xavier’s College

Entry Free!

Stay tuned with us to know more about the wonderful performers.