Here’s What’s Going To Go Down At ISDI’s Inferno 2019

The Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) will be hosting ‘Inferno 2019’, Asia’s first inclusive and accessible inter-collegiate creative arts, film and design fest which will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2019. It sets up a platform for creatives across the country to showcase their talent and work on live projects. With a collaboration with Access for All, INFERNO is open to everyone under the age of 25, including creative minds with special needs.

Being in a design school, students of ISDI were always inspired by projects and the faculty to come up with solutions that helped make the world a better place. As a step in that direction, they’re organising special design fest that made unique ideas and opportunities accessible to driven students. Hence, Inferno was led by the theme of Adaptive Survival and Igniting Creativity with events that were both specially designed and practical taking into consideration the future of the modern world.

Participants here will get to do everything: from getting to brand a professional startup, to designing outfits for the theme-driven fashion events. There are also various events under five categories: Film, Media and Photography, Design and Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literary Arts, and Informals.

All these events strive to promise surprises and quality content, as well as an opportunity for participants to find their own zone and meet evoking the desired response from audience. An active understanding of how sensationalism and changing matrices of resources works, will be the main focus of Inferno. The outcome is Asia’s first ever all-inclusive and accessible Design, Film and Visual Arts fest that invites participants from every corner of the country.

So we’ll see you at Inferno!