Jindal Global University Student, Varun Anand Writes 100 Rap Verses in 100 Days

Being a rapper and starting your own record label isn’t usually associated with fourth year law students. But Varun Anand from Jindal Global University in Sonipat is breaking the mold by breaking into the rap game in the most unique way possible. To challenge himself, Anand wrote a 100 rap verses each day for 100 days in 2018 and uploaded the result to Instagram. From that moment on, he’s gone on to release an EP under his own record label called TILV which holds an impressive and diverse roster of talent . We  spoke to him about this initiative and this is what he had to say:


What was the idea behind TILV? Why did you undertake the task of writing 100 rap songs in 100 days? 

 Initially, TILV, an acronym that expands out to “The Ideal Life Venture”, was a test. It was me giving myself a mandate, my ‘#hundreddaysofrap’ challenge, to prove to myself that I had the writing chops, cadence and drive necessary to do the things I want to. After the completion of this challenge and as I met like-minded artists, TILV expanded to what it is today, a record label aimed at bringing hope to an often cynical career. For me, quantity was prioritized heavily over quality as every songwriter guide I’d seen online stressed the need to put in your ten thousand hours and get all the ‘bad’ songs out of you, to make way for better. Despite that, when I look back at the poorly mixed, low energy verses in the challenge, they still have their own MacGyver aesthetic and I’ll always be proud of them as where I started.


What were the overall outcomes of your journey to write 100 rap verses in 100 days? 

Overall, I think my steepest improvement curve came during this period. Every new song was to a new beat, so a new tempo, new scale, new mood, and I had to write to all of them. The benefit to this is that in forcing myself to write for each of these moods and their respective story themes, I got to understand myself and my perspective on these themes a little more. The biggest pitfall was one I only noticed recently, in that, I’m living vicariously through my music. I’ve reached a level of obsession with the craft that I’m writing a song about how much I love someone instead of just letting them know, which isn’t healthy. 


How do you balance your academics and staying in a hostel on campus with performing rap?

The environment I’m in is far from ideal, especially for recording, but there’s always a way. The biggest issue is roommates. When I started out, I’d work to find the periods of time where they were in class and I was free, then use the empty room as I needed. Now, I have better roommates, who are quite content to put their earphones on and watch Netflix as I scream into a mic in the other corner of the room.


What’s the plan going forward? 

Going forward, TILV is undergoing its transition from hobby to fully functioning label. I have a single, produced by N.A.O.S and Diganta Banerjee, called ‘Cinnamon Rolls’ releasing on 24th August. I have four other singles- ‘Afloat’, ‘Kicks’, ‘Obsession’ and ‘Ghost Town’ (with Tintin and Xplicit), awaiting release dates, as well as my fourth EP- ‘The Apocalypse Suite’ currently in production. Jayanth Potharaju, one of our new, exciting songwriters, will be releasing his debut EP ‘Limefright’, shortly after that. Abhilash Sircar, another one of our talented vocalists, is also working on his debut EP. By November, we also want to release the first ‘TILV Album’, which is currently in pre-production. A rock album made by compiling the collective music knowledge of our artists, when this comes out, it will be by far my proudest achievement.

You can find the lyric video of his new track ‘Sick and Tired’ here –

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Written by the ATKT Editorial Team