Jo aur Vo Give ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ A Whole New Feel

H.R. College’s Jo aur Vo cover an unplugged version of ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’, complete with violins and flutes that only add more soul to the song.

When done well, an unplugged version of a song can deconstruct a song and give it a whole other, beautiful feel. That is exactly what these students of H.R. College aimed to do with their rendition of Dil Diyan Gallan.
“We approached this song with a different musical perspective. Being open to various musical possibilities helped us change the chordal and harmonic structure of the song, giving it a groovy touch through it’s progression. The warmth of the violin and the flute enabled us to cover the highly produced song in a raw and unplugged fashion. In spite of being on a time crunch, the video was beautifully shot and edited by Ritvik Tyagi.”
For Sayuj Jain (vocalist), Brendan Rocha (violinist), Varsh Jain (flautist), and Johann George (guitars), the journey of making music together started at BITS Goa’s annual fest, Waves. After having participated in a few fests, the group realised that they fell in love with the process of making music together. They shared a bond-both musically and as friends, that grew stronger with time. It was then that they began taking our music seriously.
Having emerged out of different musical backgrounds, they find their inspiration in a wide range of musicians that have influenced them individually-particularly artists like A.R. Rahman, Yanni, Alt-J, Amit Trivedi- the list is endless.
When asked about their name, here’s what they had to say:
“On our way back from one of our gigs we were pondering over potential band names. From names of raags to serious urdu words, we scrapped everything out till Sayuj jokingly muttered the words Jo aur Vo. It sounded interesting phonetically and it had a quirk to it. Oddly, it’s a name that best describes us. We have stuck with the name ever since.”
While they’re working to put out more music in the near future, they won’t stop at covering other artists’ music; there are also a few originals in the pipeline! Watch this space for more.
By the Editorial Team.