K.C. College Alumni’s Interesting Photography Journey

Alumnus of Mumbai’s K.C. College and our next Boombox talent, Sanay Himanshu Mehta is a Law and Business Administration Graduate from the University of Kent, UK. Though he aims to be a Corporate Lawyer someday, it’s behind the camera where his true talent comes alive.

His journey began with his first photography lesson in the 8th grade & we’re glad it hasn’t stopped since. Winning photo competitions in his learning years gave him the confidence to take his craft to the next level. And so he did; fuelling his passion by capturing the soul of every part of the world he has travelled to ever since.

Here is some of his incredible work:

Noticing everyday things and presenting them in interesting ways is what I find quite inspiring.  My inspirations include photographers Jason Fitzgibbon & Steve McCurry, directors Edgar Wright & David Fincher, and cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Sanay mentions his University providing only a one-time workshop for aspiring cinematographers and photographers besides a competition for the best ‘campus photograph’. Even with the lack of proper exposure, Sanay is determined to continue capturing breathtaking photos & inspiring others while he does so. You can find all of his amazing clicks on his Instagram handle. We can’t wait to see more of his work!

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By the Editorial Team.