Music Chart Topper Kanishk Seth’s First Music Video Premieres At Kala Ghoda Festival

Kanishk’s ‘Aane Ko Hai Khaab’, is getting it’s premiere on the 8th of February, 11 am onwards under the Short Film Section.

Being Kanishk’s first song as a singer, composer & music producer, we are obviously super excited to watch it! Plus, the lyrics have been written and the video directed by Jai Hind College student Yashwardhan Goswami, a Filmfare Short Film Awards & MAMI nominated director, which in turn makes ‘Aane Ko Hai Khaab’ even more special.

“It has always been my ‘khaab’ to write and direct and it’s the best feeling when you get to do both, especially with a dear friend. Special thanks to everyone involved in this project. We’ll be officially releasing the video soon!” says Yashwardhan.

“So come down on Thursday to get an exclusive screening of ‘Aane Ko Hai Khaab’ before we officially show it to the world!” says Kanishk, signing off.


We’ll see you there!

By the Editorial Team.