Kanishk Seth Talks About Critically Acclaimed Collaborative Album

This Mother’s Day, we spoke to one of our favourite mother-son duos. Kanishk Seth talks about working with his mother, accomplished singer Kavita Seth.

If you’ve heard Wake Up Sid’s track ‘Iktara’, chances are you are familiar with (and enamoured by) Kavita Seth’s voice. The sufi and ghazal singer has also a huge fan of poetry, and along with her son Kanishk, released a never-done-before album titled ‘Trance with Khusrow’, in the year 2014. The album was nominated alongside names like A.R. Rahman, Ram Sampath, and Indian Ocean in the ‘Best Fusion Album’ Category at the GIMA and Mirchi Music Awards. Listen to the album here:

Kanishk, a recent graduate from Jai Hind College in Mumbai, grew up in an environment that was heavy with music. “I have been waking up to the sound of music for as long as I can remember,” says the younger Seth, about belonging to a family of stellar musicians.

Kanishk learned sound engineering, conventionally a post graduate course, at the age of 14 upon his father’s insistence. It was during this period that Kavita Seth conceptualised ‘Trance with Khusrow’, that was then untitled. The album took them four years of giving, receiving, understanding, and implementing ideas, a lot of which were often argued over. Giving an album almost half a decade meant that both the musicians had a lot to give, and to take from it. “It was like a two-way street. We were rather professional, and we didn’t always accept the other’s opinions,” said Kanishk.

So, what did Kanishk learn from working with his mother?

“I learned to give poetry and lyrics more attention. Whenever I added music, Mom would stop me and explain the words to me. I have evolved so much because of that, and I realised the relevance, and the importance of words from her.”


Kanishk is currently working on the music of his first Pakistani film, for which Kavita will be lending her voice. Kanishk will also be singing in it, and we’re so hyped for it!

Listen to Kanishk’s track, ‘Na Manengay’ from the Chart Toppers album here.

By the Editorial Team.