Here’s What Went Down At Megahertz ’17

One of the busiest metropolitan cities in the world, Mumbai is known for its everlasting energy. The youth of Mumbai especially, are known for their unstoppable spirit, and the students of KJ Somaiya College, Ghatkopar proved yet again that they have what it takes to organise a college festival, and organise it well.

Contingents gave the theme, ‘Age of Millennials’ a whole new meaning, transforming into nerds, goths, head-bangers, and went all out fighting the war of the new world where governments no longer exist.

Even the cyclone didn’t break the spirit of Team Megahertz – the entire organising committee decided to keep the wheels moving despite the stormy weather. Together with the fantastic and unbreakable enthusiasm of the participating colleges, Megahertz 2017 continued the 2nd day of the festival, making the whole event a grand success.

Here’s what went down at this year’s Megahertz:

Survival of the Fittest: Treasure Hunt


One of the main and most awaited events, the treasure hunt on Day 1 showed us the competitive side of the warriors as various teams rushed to complete the five checkpoints to win. As more and more teams got eliminated at every checkpoint, only the wittiest and the quickest ones made the cut and the ‘Headbangers’ reached the finish line first.


Tribe Transcribe: Fake News Reporting event


True journalists can find a story just about anywhere, and the participants lived up to expectations when they were faced with the challenge of building a spoof news report with the liberty to use anything they found within the Somaiya campus. As the hilarious entries cracked everyone up, the ‘Hip-Hoppers’ outshone the other teams.


Track Wacking: Dance Showdown


There’s a hidden dancer in everyone but for the warriors at MHZ-17, the stakes had never been higher as the dancers flaunted their moves while depicting their subculture. As the heated battle went on, the ‘Hip-Hoppers’ and won the event.


Pentaphonics: Acapella Event


Megahertz took the opportunity to fuse together talented singers, rappers, and beat-boxers in the Acapella event, where the participants set the stage on fire without using any instruments. This brought the best of both worlds together as the ‘Hippies’ bagged the 1st prize.

Megahertz ’17 ended, but not without setting a high bar for the other college fests to reach, leaving the workforce and the contingent on an adrenaline high.

Edited by the Editorial Team.