Meet Mohak, The Fabulous Dancer From Jai Hind College

The Boombox segment is our way of discovering the immense talent hidden in colleges across the country and bringing it all to you. Every Boombox submission is unique, has a different story to tell and always manages to amaze us.

Last time, when we told you about Yash, the brilliant dancer from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, we also mentioned his dance partner Mohak. Today, we are bringing to you his dance journey.

Mohak Manghani, also a Jai Hind student, has been passionate about dance ever since he was a child but he started learning it five years ago.

His first stage performance, which he remembers being a lot of fun, was in the 1st standard. In his first year of college itself, he performed in over 50 college festivals, including Malhar, Kaleidoscope, Umang, Waves, Aarakshan and Shoutt.

Watch one of Mohak & Yash’s fun and energetic dance routine on ‘Main Tera Boyfriend’:

This talented dancer believes in doing whatever makes one happy. And since dancing makes him happy, that’s what he wants to do.

I aim to become a successful choreographer and a dancer and work in the film industry.

Having never been to a dance class, Mohak dedicates his growth as a dancer entirely to college festivals, since that’s where he actually learnt technical dancing.

But he also feels that colleges should provide students with dance workshops for various dance styles.

In this way, students will learn and grow as dancers. This will always keep them consistent with learning different dance styles.

Mohak is going to be performing at a corporate show in Austria with his crew in a couple of months. Other than that, he does shows every week in Mumbai. This one’s definitely going places and we can’t wait to watch more of his phenomenal performances. And don’t forget to check out his & Yash’s YouTube channel.


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By the Editorial Team.