Meet Nidhi, Jai Hind-Detour’s Talented Organiser

We’re back with another O.C. Talent! We launched this segment by telling you about the multi-talented Rishab Sanghi, the Overall Coordinator & General Secretary of IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous and an absolutely amazing musician.  This time round we’ve got a very gifted and tremendously talented dancer from Jai Hind College, Mumbai- Nidhi Netravalkar.

Nidhi was the Vice-Chairperson at Jai Hind’s Detour ’16-’17, one of the biggest & most awaited festivals in Mumbai. While she excelled at heading a huge team in making their fest a massive success that it was, she also excels at something else, something that she is extremely passionate about- Kathak. Nidhi started learning Kathak from the age of 9, and had her first proper stage show when she was just 11. Her parents saw the potential in her at the age of 5 and enrolled her in a Bollywood dance class. But her mother wanted her to take dance as more than just a hobby, & motivated her to learn a classical dance form.


“The beauty of Indian Classical Music and dance inspires me. I love the feeling I get when I am performing on stage. I live for the appreciation by the audience when I am dancing. I aspire to be as graceful as my dance teacher,” says the dancer.

Take a look at one of her beautiful dance pieces:


Nidhi passed her Visharad Poorna last year, which means that she is now officially a graduate in Kathak, and that too with distinction! She has performed at shows organised by her dance institute on multiple occasions.


Talking about the difference in experiences as a participant and as an organiser she says,

As a participant you only focus on your dance. You point out the flaws in the management if something doesn’t go according to what you want. As an organizer you have to think way beyond just the performance. You know why certain things are not happening according to plan and you appreciate the other fests even more.

She also went on to say that after being an organizer herself, she became more patient as an artist whenever she went to another college festival to perform. Being an artist, it also helps in the event criteria and the execution since you are already thinking from the other perspective.


Nidhi has performed at Mithibai’s Paparazzi ’15 & National’s Cutting Chai ’17, both of which were great experiences for her.

So, dont forget to look out for her at all the major college festivals next year!


By the Editorial Team.