Meet Rishabh Sanghi, The Multi Talented IITian

It isn’t an unknown fact that behind every successful festival are a number of hardworking boys and girls who work tirelessly, often day and night alike to make their festival come alive. Most often, these students are like silent worker bees- going about their business and building a festival from scratch every year. These bright students organize everything related to the festival—no matter how difficult or tiresome. They raise the funds, invite artists, attract participants, organize the fun and food and not to forget, also find the time to attend their regular classes somewhere in between. had the pleasure of interacting with some of the most exceptional student organizers around the country in the past year. We witnessed a number of budding entrepreneurs, artists and leaders, all of whom had one thing in common—their willingness to work hard. They shone bright in the roles they donned and successfully delivered another edition of their respective festivals, which lead us to launch – O.C. Talent (OH! See Talent).

One of the most talked about festival on last year was IIT Delhi’s famous Rendezvous which set the bar high for others to follow—in every way. The organizing committee of Rendezvous comprised 50 core organizers, who were assisted by over 450 more students to make their festival reach the heights it did. Leading this army of tech-brains was an exceptionally talented student who took to the backstage this year but did not fail to have us notice his talent.


Meet Rishabh Sanghi, the Overall Coordinator and General Secretary of the BCRA (The Board that is responsible for the organization of the annual festival) who met us an organizer but carries within him bucket load of exceptional talent. Here’s something to prove our point.

Rishabh started learning the keyboard at a young age of 12. With an interest in music that began with Indian Classical, he explored various genres of music including rock and progressive when he visited the U.K. for a year. Liking what he saw, he came back wanting to play and compose similar material, which is what pushed him to learn more. Listen up!

Rishabh, a fourth-year student at IIT Delhi draws inspiration from people around him. He likes using incidents from his life and conversations around him to ideate and implement solutions. A keen learner, he also acknowledges the constant competition he has with himself.

“May it be organizing or performing, I always set a bar for myself. The next time I do the same thing, it needs to be as good if not better than the last,” says the young musician.

If you watch this, you’ll know that Rishabh has been living Rendezvous for a number of years. An instrumental solo participant in his first year and a member of one of the competing bands in the Battle of Bands event in his Second year, Rishabh took to the organizing committee in his third and fourth year.

“As a participant, your main focus is on getting the performance to be as tight as you can. You spend hours practicing the piece(s) which have to be performed at the festival and that is the only aim. As an organiser, it’s about making it a memorable experience for everyone attending the festival. This can range from making it better for the participants in terms of registration, venue, facilities provided to them, good publicity for a better audience and making it easy for non-participants too like easy access to the venue, filtering of entries to maintain quality, etc,” he says talking about his varied experiences.

“As an artist, especially one that has performed at the same festival previously, I knew what I felt could have been better. For example, when I was performing, the venue did not have very good acoustics, we had on the spot registrations, which lead to some issues because there were people from different cities. This year, all these problems were kept in mind while planning events,” comments Rishabh.

From Rendezvous this year, Rishabh’s biggest take-away was learning that organizers can face certain problems which may lead to them having to take strict action (like shortening performance lengths, etc.). He realized that if he faced something like this as an artist, there would be a fit of rage (which is not so uncommon) but knowing both sides of the situation helped him deal with things better.

Rishabh has performed at festivals such as IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo and Hindu College’s Mecca in addition to Rendezvous.

“I am obviously a little biased not only because I’m from here but also because my band came first at Rendezvous, so that has to be the best experience for me. Mood Indigo was also a lot of fun, probably more because of the idea of performing in a different city,” says Rishabh.

If you’re wondering where to catch Rishabh next, head to The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi on the 13th of April– he’s making an appearance to take those present there on a magical musical journey. Thank us later!


By the Editorial Team