Meet The Winners Of The Cypher For July

Two months ago, on the occasion of’s first birthday, we reached out to some of the most talented college students from across the country, to be a part of the exclusive community that we have been building – the Cypher. Spanning across various artforms, the Cypher aims to help these talents grow leaps and bounds in the company and assistance of their peers, while also receiving tons of opportunities from us!

Every month, the members of the Cypher send in two content pieces every month, out of which we choose the Top 2 from each category, who are then provided with a bunch of privileges.

The entries that we received for the month of July exceeded all our expectations. These students really outdid themselves and we couldn’t be happier to be showcasing their talent on our platform. Choosing our Top 2 hence became one of the toughest things that we had to do but, we finally narrowed it down to these talents who clearly shone brighter than the rest of the lot:

Literary Arts Cypher

Theme: Magic

Isha Mahajan

A student of Vidylankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Isha Mahajan’s splendid story- ‘The Black Cape’ kept us hooked until the very last word. Intriguing and very-well written there was no way her story wouldn’t have made it to the Top 2.

View Isha’s story here.

Raunak Daswani

This beautiful and heart touching poem by Raunak Daswani from Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, Pune, brings out the magic of the small gestures and things in life that we generally overlook.

View Raunak’s poem here.

Photography & Video Cypher

Theme: New Beginnings

Ratnesh Sharma

Ratnesh Sharma’s deep and meaningful take on the theme ensured this Dronacharya College, Gurgaon student a place in our Top 2.

View Ratnesh’s photographs here.

Jenny Mochahari

Wilson College’s Jenny shot this beautiful short film on heartbreaks and having the courage to start afresh. Don’t miss out on this one.

View Jenny’s short film here.

Fine Arts Cypher

Theme: Magic

Harshita Sharma

Harshita Sharma from Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, left us in awe with her stunning artwork and the quote that goes along with it.

View Harshita’s artwork here.

Aayushi Bharadwaj

Also a student of Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Aayushi’s extremely detailed and mesmerizing sketch sure shows how immensely talented she is. Here take a look yourself.

View Aayushi’s artwork here.

Dhee Majumdar

We can’t get over Dhee’s skills that made this picture look unbelievable. And so, making this an exceptional case, we decided to include him in our winners for this category!

View Dhee’s artwork here.

Dance Cypher

Theme: Merge two dance styles on one song track

Pulkit Sharma

Combining Hip Hop and Bollywood, this Dyal Singh College, Delhi student sure stole our hearts with this energetic and brilliantly choreographed routine.

View Pulkit’s dance routine here.

Varun Parve

A dance routine that combines Robot popping and locking – doesn’t get any better than this now, does it? Watch as Varun, a student of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, Delhi, shows us his phenomenal moves.

View Varun’s dance routine here.

Music Cypher

Theme: New beginnings

Adnan Khan

This Thakur College student from Mumbai left us stunned with his Original Loop Station Beatbox Composition. This one’s a must-watch!

View Adnan’s composition here.

Siegen Mopannar

Brilliant rapper ‘The Siege’ absolutely killed it with his original and relatable rap on ‘New Beginnings’.

View Siege’s rap here.

Performance Poetry Cypher

Theme: New Beginnings

Yatika Agarwal

This RIMS International, Mumbai student talks about rape and injustice in her poetry that will surely leave you thinking about everything that is wrong with our society.

View Yatika’s poetry here.

Theres Sudeep

A student of Christ University, Bangalore, Theres sent in this amazing poem ‘Flowers From The Grave’ that earned her a spot in the Top 2.

View Theres’ poetry here.


The entries for the month of August have already started pouring in and we must say, they’re looking really good! We’ll be announcing the winners and publishing their fabulous work soon, so stay tuned.


By the Editorial Team.