This Photographer’s Pictures Are As Soothing As Meditation

Photography has long been used as a medium to capture emotions and create stories visually. But, it takes a completely different perspective to notice and appreciate art in nothing more than a leaf on concrete, a lamp post against the sky or a neatly stacked bunch of yarn. Minimalism in photography is gaining wide popularity and Nikhil Poddar, an advertising major from KC College has taken this art form to a whole new level.


Started as a new year’s resolution in 2016 to improve his visual thinking, Nikhil’s journey towards adopting minimalism as his style of photography and enhancing this artform is an inspiring one.

“I started roaming around Mumbai looking for subjects, more specifically – spaces, at the beginning of 2016. I spent around an hour every day after college trying to compose an image. The first picture I uploaded that year was a gorgeous statuette I came across in Charni Road.”


His talent has been recognized by many. Not only has he participated in and won several photography contests, like National College’s fest Cutting Chai, but he’d also been invited to judge the photography event at Malhar 2017.

Talking about what inspires his artform, Nikhil said:

“India is a country where you barely get to witness minimalism in any form. Everything is loud, in your face, and chaotic. The challenge of finding organization in the chaos inspires me every day.”

Nikhil currently works as a copywriter and hopes that by producing quality work over the next few years he’ll be able to realize his aspiration of becoming a creative director.


Nikhil’s college played a significant role in helping him realize his passion.

“For our photography project, entitled Familiar, I clicked pictures every day en route college. It was a part of my minimalism series and my teacher really encouraged me to keep learning and growing, it was really helpful.”


His photographs are almost as calming as meditating. You can check out for yourself why we can’t seem to stop appreciating his work, by looking at his Instagram account. We’re happy to hear that he plans to continue posting his work online.

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By the Editorial Team.