Meet The Versatile & Talented Monis Khan From Jamia Millia Islamia Uni -


Meet The Versatile & Talented Monis Khan From Jamia Millia Islamia Uni

I was at a certain theatre society’s event at a certain college. It was Mono Acting. The theme was mental illnesses. The event had not been able to attract contestants of good caliber. Or so I thought, until Monis performed.  Using his powerful voice to wow me as well as the judge, he won the competition. First place, no questions.

When I later approached him for the interview, he seemed incredibly nonchalant about the win. Not that he was arrogant or anything, he just didn’t seem much worked up about the entire thing. I understood the reason for this as I talked to him, and two things became clear:

  1. Monis participates in a lot of competitions. Just fifteen minutes after Mono Acting was done, I found him performing at a Stand-Up Comedy event.
  2. Monis almost always wins.


I need to stress on the second part. It is very likely that if Monis is participating in a competition, he’ll place first. He’s in it to win it.

Monis Ahmad Khan is a twenty three year old student pursuing his MA in architecture from Jamia Millia Islamia University. And, he’s a personality. Theatre and standup comedy are just two of the many things that he’s into. An avid YouTuber and a popular Instagrammer with more than a thousand followers, Monis is an RJ, a debater and a dancer, he’s a poet who writes in English, Urdu, and Hindi and he’s a person who is frequently called upon to anchor events at big fests like SRCC’s Crossroads and above all, as he says so himself, he’s an entertainer.


“My Father loves trophies.” Monis tells me. That’s his sweet reply to the question, ‘Why do you compete as much as you do?’ I imagine that Monis’s father must be a pretty happy person because over the years Monis has managed to win a lot of trophies. “My entire life revolves around my parents. Everything I do, I do for my parents.” Monis says.

“I’ve been acting since the age of seventeen. I haven’t taken classes or anything, I’m self taught.” Monis tells me. “Well, Youtube helped a lot.” He chuckles.


When asked about what he wants to do in the future, Monis reveals his very interesting plans, “I want to become a public icon.” He says. “Reality TV interests me. Roadies, Splitsvilla, Big Boss, stuff like that.” Monis is already working in line with this plan too. In the past he has won the titles of Mr. IIT Kanpur 2013, Mr. IIT Roorkee 2015 and Mr. IIT Delhi 2016. Once, he even qualified for India’s Got Talent, but didn’t go because of exams. “Also,” Monis pauses, “One day, I want to open a café.”

Monis stresses that his aspirations for fame do not mean that he takes his studies lightly. “I messed up in my second semester and almost failed. My teacher embarrassed me in front of my whole class and I had to write an application and read it out to my mother that ‘I had failed of my own violation’.” he says. “That was the day I realized that I have to carry my passion with my profession.”

When asked about what inspires him in life, Monis says, “There are tons of people who inspire me. Actually believe that you can find something of value in everyone. That’s my attitude in life, though I have been told that I read too much into stuff.” he confesses with a smile.


With the amount of talent that Monis has and the size of his ambitions, I’m sure that we’ll see him around.

Written by Karan Kimothi

For the Editorial Team.