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Neerad Performs Unreleased Music From Upcoming EP

While we’re super conservative about the word ‘favourite’ so when we say Jai Hind College’s Neerad Sumeet is our favourite pianist from the ATKT fam, we really, really mean it.

On the newest episode of the ATKT Talent Tent Podcast, we hung out with Neerad, who performs two songs – Koi and Kaiko – from his upcoming EP. While we expected him to play his music on his keyboard, we were pleasantly surprised to see him play his music on his iPad—and rap to it. The young musician believes that it’s imperative for a musician to adapt and grow, and P-man—the only other musician in the room—fully agreed.

While he would perform as a student, he has taken up music as a career now that he has graduated. He shares his experiences with his college’s club, Jai Hind Music Cafe, an initiative taken up by his classmates. He worked with the iconic YRF, and he shares his experiences with interning at the studio, and performing as a relatively new musician in the indie circuit.

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You, too, could be featured on the show! If you’re a poet or musician, shoot us an email with your original work at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you STAT.

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team.

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