The 5 Photographers to Watch Out For In 2018

It’s the new year, and we know you’re all craving something new to start it off with. So while our experts Rohit Pereira a.k.a. P-Man picked out his top 5 musicians, Dinkar Dwivedi a.k.a. Bone Broke gave us his top 5 music societies, and we asked Hrishikesh Singh, an established photographer himself to pick out his top 5 for 2018. Hrishikesh Singh is a content creator for #BimblingInBombay, who captures the past and present, and nooks and crannies of Bombay as he lives and breathes. Here are his 5 favourite photographers and videographers you should definitely keep an eye out for this new year!


Tushar Bhojwani

For this Jai Hind College student, wildlife photography isn’t just a hobby, it’s his passion. He has shot in extreme conditions and traveled far & wide to capture some of the most stunning pictures you’ll ever come across. Check them out here:


Jenny Mochahari

Jenny’s videography skills combined with her creativity and hardwork make for a killer combination. Also a part of the Cypher, this Wilson College student manages to awe us every month with her submissions. Watch one of her best ones ‘Freedom’:


Nikhil Poddar

Nikhil’s minimalistic photographs show us the world through a whole different perspective. An advertising major from K.C. College, he began this style of photography as an exercise to improve his visual thinking. Here are some of his best works:


Medha Nath

This Sophia College alumni’s photography journey began in college itself, and she has been exploring the world with her camera ever since. Some of the best pictures are from her trip to Africa’s South Luangwa National Park, which was incidentally also her first ever Safari. They are nothing less than extraordinary.


Sanay Himanshu Mehta

Sanay, an alumnus of K.C. College and a passionate photographer has been clicking stunning photographs of all the places he has been travelling to. He loves presenting everyday things in unique ways, and he does that beautifully.