We Can’t Believe This Is Sahil Bhatia’s First Performance

Spotted at Hindu College’s Mecca was SRCC’s First Year B.Com Hons. Student Sahil Bhatia who stunned the audience – and us with this spectacular acoustic performance of Chet Faker’s No Diggity. Here’s what he had to say about this performance – which we can’t believe was his first!

Sahil always had an inclination towards performing arts, including music but it wasn’t until he was in the 10th standard that he realized he had a flair for it. When he did, he immediately enrolled to join the school Acapella team and that’s where his journey began.

Still working around and figuring his way at college competitions, Hindu College’s Mecca competition finals were the first ones Sahil saw himself qualify for.

“I chose this song because I’ve been a great admirer of the artist’s work and I felt the song suits my voice best,” he says.

Inspired by little things such as good deeds, amazing conversations, cinemas, a piece of literature and good music, Sahil aspires to be a storyteller and contribute towards making meaningful and feel-good music.

We sure need a lot more of that don’t we?

Listen to Abhishek Prasad’s rendition of ‘All I Want’ at Mecca 2018. Stay tuned for more brilliant performances from Mecca!

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By the Editorial Team.