Shiv Kashyap’s Photo-Story Takes A Dark Turn

Shiv Aditya Kashyap, a member of the Photography Cypher, who created an intriguing photo story ‘Watchkeeper’ with 315 photographs, talks about how he got into photography and what he plans to do in the time to come.

Currently a student of Shiv Nadar University, Delhi, Shiv Kashyap’s photography journey started when he went to Kashmir on a school trip in the 9th standard. He had carried his point and shoot camera with him, and realized then, that photography is something that he would really like to pursue. As the years went by, his interest grew. He bought a DSLR, joined the photography society of his college and started learning from his seniors.

“It has been a long way since first year to now, and I feel that my work has evolved and matured over time.”

His photo story ‘Watchkeeper’ was created as a self-project which also served for a communications assignment. Studying in Dadri, him and his friend, Sridhar managed to use the location to create a story through pictures.

Shiv aspires to be a photo journalist–he wants to document people from the places he travels to and share their stories to a wider audience.


Like Shiv, you too, can become a part of the fam- just send in your work here!


By the Editorial Team.