Meet Souram, The Incredible Singer From IEM, West Bengal

Our next Boombox talent, Souram Guha, a third-year mechanical engineering student from Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM), Saltlake, West Bengal, believes that nothing could top the feeling of music to the ears. He started learning classical music at the age of seven and has been associated with music ever since. This love for music runs in his family too. Souram recalls that his dad had played tabla with Pandit Dinanath Mishra and other legends of the Indian classical scene.

Right from his school days, Souram has been an active performer. College went on to provide him a much bigger platform to showcase his vocal skills, and he has performed in fests like Boscotsav, Bosco Fest, Bosco Xprezns, and Auxilium Convent Fests. He has also sung in the opening ceremony of the Konnagar Book Fair in front of Taslima Nasrin. He even participated in MTV Colors Of Youth.


Souram believes in giving back to the art that he is so passionate about, which led him to become the Founder President of the IEM Music Club, the music club of his college which he helped establish, and which has revolutionized the music scene in their college by giving a lot more opportunity to youngsters.

Check out his beautiful cover on Enna Sona from Ok Jaanu:

For Souram, the inspiration to keep on pursuing his art comes from his love for the art itself. Apart from that Souram goes on to say,

The constant encouragement from fans and well-wishers, the chants from live audiences, encourage me to continue music.

Souram wishes for colleges to provide a bigger platform, media coverage to deserving people, more opportunities and possible financial help to take forward the talent if they are worth it.

When asked about what he aspires to become, the talented singer said,

To put it bluntly, I aspire to be a famous singer. There is no two ways to it.

Next, Souram will be performing at IEM, Saltlake in the farewell program for his seniors.


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