‘Suit Karda’ Singer Arjun LOVED This Video

In an interview with Mihir Joshi, Arjun, the popular Brit-Sri Lankan singer talks about his latest track, his new album, and’s most viewed video.

Mihir Joshi, an accomplished musician, recently invited Arjun, of the banger ‘Suit Suit Karda’ fame, to talk about his latest music video, Vaadi on his celebrity talk show, ‘The MJ Show’.

After an hour-long, intimate interview with the playback singer, Joshi shared with him a video of upcoming talent in the country. Joshi chose this face-off performance by Diksha, Shikha, Ashmita, Kajal, and Tanya at Rendezvous 2016, the cultural festival hosted by IIT Delhi.

Here’s Arjun’s reaction!



Here’s the full video of the performance:


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By the Editorial Team.