Some Stunning Talent At The Western Vocal Competition At Nexus ’17

Sri Venkateswara’s Nexus ’17 was one festival that we won’t forget for a really long time. We spotted some of the most talented students here, performing in events like the Western Solo Dance, Duo Dance, the Western Acapella, and many more! If you’re wondering what the hype is about, here are the highlights of one more such event that won hearts, the Western Vocal Competition.

Indian vocals have always been a part of college festivals, but with the flow of time,, students now want to experience something different, and that’s how Western Vocal competitions started trending. Nexus too witnessed this amazing event. A total of 5 teams performed and all of them presented an amazing talent that has been remained hidden from the people in India for a very long time. As an external judge the fest hosted Tanner Wilford and as the internal judge, there was Prof. Nandana.

The first team that performed was the team from Maharaja Surajmal  Institue – Akansha and Eden Syril, accompanied by Anurag Trivedi as the guitarist. They performed Bartan Hollow by Civil war and mesmerised the audience with their voice. It was a great start to the event, and gave a hint to the audience as to what lay ahead.


The next performers were Rajnandani and Rooda Ebrahim from Miranda House, who raised the bar with their amazing coordination. The song performed by them was “No other man” by Christina Aguilera.

Next up was the star team, Rajlaxmi and Nitya from Amity University. Once again, they performed the song “I am gonna love you” with such elegance that the audience could not stop themselves from praising them.

As we were coming to the end of the event, the standard of performances was visibly getting higher. The fourth performance of the day was by Kishore and Rhea, standing winners of a number of western vocals competitions. These two had in their performance that intensity and in their voice the warmth that can leave anyone spellbound. And that is exactly what happened with the judges and the audience.


The last performance of the day was by Sugandha and Kriti, students of IGNU. The girls took over the stage and gave us an amazing performance, with their song – “Let it go”.

All the performances were amazing, but someone has to win. The first prize was given to Kishor and Rhea, students of Amity University. Initially only one position was to be announced but the overwhelming performances made the judges announce the first runner up, which was again taken by the students of Amity university Rajlaxmi and Nitya. The Western Vocal Competition ended at a very happy note for the two winners and a smile on everyone’s face.


Written by Anjana Saini.

Edited by the Editorial Team.