Top 3 Indian Classical Performances From The Archives

March 30, 2018

Every week, brings to you three must-watch videos from our archives. For this week’s top three, we’ve picked our favourite classical music performances at college fests. 


Sarath S. Kumar at Mecca ’17

Sarath, a student at Hansraj College, Delhi, performed a beautiful classical cover of ‘Ambva Talay’ at Hindu College’s Mecca ’17.


Gargi College Choir at Crossroads ’17

Gargi College’s Indian classical music group mesmerised the audience at SRCC’s Crossroads ’17 with this performance.


Dhruva Bhagdikar at Rendezvous ’16

Dhruva Bhagdikar enthralled the audience at IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous ’16 with this performance.

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By the Editorial Team.