Top Hindi Band Performances At Malhar 2016

The second day of Malhar came to an end with IPA’s Stop, Drop, Jam– the Hindi band event. After going through a tough eliminations, the best of the best bands were short listed for the finals. These bands not only had to perform a mash up of a Bollywood song from before 1980 and one after 2000, but also needed to showcase their originality in the form of an original composition.

The participants didn’t have it easy with the judge panel either- they weren’t to be messed around with. The panel included the Indian Jam Project, Winit Tikoo, Aditi Paul and Mithilesh Patankar. With about 3 minutes of set up time, the bands had a mean feat to pull off. But insert phrase about only diamonds can take the pressure.

The event started with the Sathaye College band, who gave their all to the stage, and were relieved to finish to a huge round of applause. Next were the Devi Prasad Goenka band; they managed to get the crowd riled up with their opening, but the performance didn’t manage to take off like expected.

Wilson College came to save every college-level-band-event’s face. While they did take longer to set up, all good things take time, and while I thought their mash up of Tum jo mil gaye ho and Pichle saat dino mein was the highlight of their performance, that judgement was made before their original composition. It was safe to say that Wilson College band had set the bar that all the performances will be compared to, when amidst the cheers, the crowd also demanded an encore. It wasn’t a surprise when they won the event.

Wilson College Band
Wilson College Band

I wouldn’t want to be the act following that, I remember thinking. Mithibai College though, didn’t. Their band was up next and they tried to match Wilson toe to toe. Up next was the performance that could come as close to the bar that Wilson College set- HR College. They were a crowd favourite and left the crowd hungry for more, securing a well-deserved second place in the Hindi band competition.

Hindi Band_HR College
HR College Band

Following HR College, and the last performance for the event, was an on-the-spot entry that managed to keep the crowd pleased.

But that’s not where the Hindi band event ended. The judges were left so happy with the bands that they too were in a mood to perform. Aditi Paul came up first to the stage and crooned with the lead guitarist from Wilson College’s band. Then Mithilesh Patankar decided to wow the crowd with his magic on the keyboard, followed by Winit Tikoo who ended the event with his magical voice almost hypnotising the crowds.

Judge, Winit Tikoo at the Event
Judge, Winit Tikoo at the Event

All in all Stop, Drop, Jam was a memorable event.

By the ATKT Editorial Team
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