Tyesha, A Spectacular Singer From Delhi Gets Selected For ‘The Stage’

Listen up guys, we have some great news to share with you today!

For those of you who have heard of ‘The Stage’, will know how big and prestigious a deal it is to be on the show; and for the ones who haven’t, this show is India’s first ever homegrown English singing talent hunt and has been introducing us to some of the most splendid talents from across the country, since the last two years.

And now for the great news- Tyesha Kohli, an absolutely brilliant singer and alumni of Jesus & Mary College, Delhi, has earned a spot on this show and her performances are going to be aired on TV this weekend! Amazing, right?!


Having just graduated from college, Tyesha found herself lost in the clouds of uncertainty. But when she got the call for the Bombay auditions, she suddenly had this huge thing to look forward to.

When we heard the news, we too, were ecstatic! Having worked with Tyesha closely over the past year, we have seen her giving one brilliant performance after another. Every time she gets on stage, we know that we are in for something extremely special and till date, we’ve never been proved wrong.

Don’t believe us? Watch this and you will:

Being a part of such a big show sure is a huge achievement. And so, when we spoke to Tyesha about her experience, this is what she said,

To be able to perform in front of such amazing, humble and supremely talented individuals such as Vishal Dadlani, Ehsaan Noorani, Monica Dogra & Devraj Sanyal, and that too performing as a duo with my dearest friend and partner in crime, Devika Chaturvedi, it was nothing short of an adventure. It’s insane that I got to share the stage with such brilliant and extraordinary musicians from across the country. Feels great to have experienced all of this with such great people surrounding me.


After the wonderful run she had being the President of her college’s Western Music Society- ECHO last year, she knew that being on stage and performing with her favourite people was her number one source of inspiration and motivation. And after having lived this crazy experience on The Stage, her feeling has only become stronger.

Signing off, this is what this talented singer had to say about her future plans,

My immediate future plans include working on myself as a vocalist and a performer, learning from other musicians in a new city and maybe even collaborate with some!

So now that you know how talented this singer is, make sure you catch her performances tomorrow and day after on Colors Infinity at 8 pm!


By the Editorial Team.