The Vocumentalists Give ‘Game of Thrones’ A Desi Twist

Vocumentalist, the A Capella group of R. V. College of Engineering, wowed the audience at Saarang 2018 with their renditions of well-loved classics.

The audience at Saarang were in for a surprise when the Vocumentalist came onto the stage with their A Capella routine, starting off with their semi-classical rendition of the Game of Thrones soundtrack. “We’re not done yet,” says Shivraj, the vocal percussionist, just as they ended their first routine. The 5-member group then proceeded to perform their version of Raag Bhimpalas, complete with a beat drop, and harmonisers that added a whole new feel to the routine.

“We formed Vocumentalist last year. We didn’t think much when we formed the group, it was meant for recreation. Only later did we realise that we are prize-winning material-we even stood first at the A Capella competition at IIM Bangalore’s Unmaad.”

Adding to that, they also mentioned that the entire group is trained in classical music, thus explaining their affinity to understand intricate melody and rhythm.

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By the Editorial Team.