Meet The DCAC Beatboxing Star From Rajasthan

Last year saw a number of incredible performers and young artists take to the stage at college festivals across the country. was there not only to capture the magic but also create some along the way and we couldn’t be happier when we crossed paths with the incredibly handsome and talented human beatbox, Divyansh Kacholia.

Where you might ask? The hub of cultural talent- IIT Delhi, of course! Don’t look so baffled, meet this college dancer who set fire to the dance stage in the capital last October to know why we say so and don’t wait longer- watch Divyansh’s spectacular beatboxing performance in an Exclusive.

Originally from Rajasthan, Divyansh is a student of the Delhi College of Arts & Commerce (DCAC) and has been performing since he in the 8th standard.

“I used to tap benches and hum tunes to make music when I was a 14 year old child. I practised day and night to reach a level in the field of beatboxing that I could perform and that’s really how it all began,” says Divyansh.

Divyansh is what we call an underage overachiever. A finalist of Rajasthan’s Got Talent Season 7, he has also seen the big stage when he was selected for Mumbai’s Round of India’s Got Talent Season 7.

Ranking as one of the Top 32 Beatboxers in India, Divyansh recounts meeting the World Beatbox Champion ‘Skiller’. The experience of sharing a moment with a long time inspiration changes him for the better and he was determined to make beatboxing his passion and importantly, his profession.

At such a young age, Divyansh has made a mark on the cultural world of the country, having garnered support from various eminent personalities. One of his videos was recently supported by Bollywood singer, Mika Singh.

Divyansh aspired to be an educated artiste and wants to keep people around him entertained and happy.

“It’s a heavenly feeling when you see people around you happy because they are a source of positive vibes and life is all about attraction and vibes,” says the young, budding star.

Honestly, we can’t WAIT to watch Divyansh in action again and if you’re wanting the same, indulge in this spectacular performance by Delhi music prodigy.

By the Editorial Team