‘Wild Sins’- Deeksha’s Awe-Inspiring Photo Story

Bombay’s Jai Hind College has been churning out talented students year after year for as long as we can remember. A while ago, we brought to you a photo story by a Jai Hind student that was as brilliantly captured as it was conceptualized. It was Deeksha Rathore’s ‘Dreamcatcher‘- a series of 12 diptychs highlighting the contrast between an individual’s current & childhood dream job. Leaving a huge impact on us, we couldn’t wait for another one of her creations.

And that’s what we are bringing to you today- her new photo story.

Deeksha recently took a trip to Kenya with her family, and what came out of the trip is something that has left us all in awe. Owing to her ever-growing love for wildlife and a telephoto that she borrowed from a friend, Deeksha came back home with not only some breathtaking pictures but also a story.

Mankind is familiar with the notion of the seven deadly sins – pride, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy and wrath. They are thought to be abuses or excessive versions of our natural faculties. But what about the wild? Are they really the vices of the animal world? It’s all about coexistence; each and every animal has its own crucial role to play. Just like our world – there is order and balance. However, it’s not all the same. It seems to me that behaviors that would be considered “sin” in our world are the true magic of the wild.

Our sins aren’t their sins. In fact, on the contrary, our sins are their key to survival.

This is Deeksha’s brilliantly encapsulated photo story –‘Wild Sins’:



Every time we came across a herd of buffalo, they would stare us down until we were out of sight. With a drastic drop in their population due to poaching, it seems only natural for them to remain on guard and be wary of human beings.



Just a few seconds after she sat down with her meal, scavengers of all shapes and sizes surrounded the cheetah. Their longing for her kill, almost palpable, served as the driving force behind what happened next. A moment’s hesitation was enough for the kill to be snatched away from the helpless cat and into the mouths of some very hungry birds and animals.



We watched as the male impala drove other males away from his harem, keeping them from harm’s way. It is a common practice amongst male impalas to lock horns to test their strength. The victor dominates the harem of females and breeds with them.



We came across a clan of hyenas cautiously looking into the distance every few seconds as they devoured the remains of a hippo. It worried them that the predator whose kill they were eating might be close but not enough for them to stop eating.



It came as quite a bit of a surprise to us that the male lion isn’t responsible for hunting. It is mostly the lionesses that hunt and shoulder the burden of feeding the pride. Besides taking long naps however, the male lion spends his time protecting the territory from invading dangers and usurpers, thus keeping his pride safe.



Every time we spotted the leopard, he was on a new tree with a new kill carefully balanced next to him. A sleepy face tucked in between the branches, a heavily panting body and if nothing else, a full belly suggested he was very well fed. Without finishing his kill, the leopard would hunt again at night for a new one, very graciously leaving his half eaten meal for a hungry scavenger.



We watched in awe as Malaika, the beautiful cheetah walked towards us. Her cubs watched as she fearlessly climbed on top of our jeep, and perched herself on the back of the vehicle, just inches away. In what seemed to be the most terrifying and exhilarating 25 minutes of my life, she struck countless poses, each more majestic and grand than the next. Being so close, the telephoto lens had been rendered useless. I wasted no time in pulling out my phone and clicking to my heart’s content.

Malaika emulates her mother who was also fond of climbing the top of jeeps. She continues to teach her cubs to be fearless and proud, just as they will teach theirs and so on and so forth.


With another spectacular photo story coming from this super talented student, we are sure that we are going to see great things from her in the time to come. And don’t forget to check out her Instagram page for more of her incredible photographs.


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By the Editorial Team.