YounTré’s Hidden Gem – Aspiring Photographer, Shubham Khadve

Shubham Khadve, from YounTré’s organising committee, is also an exceptionally talented tabla player and aviation photographer.

YounTré, the BMS department of Sydenham College is a platform designed to provide the minds of tomorrow the opportunity to unleash their true selves, realise their true potential, and indulge in activities designed to promote a robust, inclusive and all round development through the means of key note seminars, team activities and competitions.

The term ‘yountré’ is an abbreviation of two words, ‘young’ and ‘entrepreneurs’. The core values of this event revolve around the principle concept of ‘Value Creation through Education’ and aims at imparting the best of management world and entrepreneurship to the participants. While these skills are important for anyone with a passion for the corporate world, 17 year-old Shubham Khadve is all that, and more.


A graphic designer and a photographer for the YounTré organising committee, Shubham learned to play the tabla at the age of 7 because of the supportive background that his family was. They are all also trained in classical music, and they helped him work hard on the music.

Another passion that Shubham aspires to follow more vehemently is aviation photography. Shubham aims to become a commercial pilot some day. He took up aviation photography because he believed it would bring him one step closer to his dream, and his 2000-odd INK361 followers are only thankful for his excellent skills.


While working for YounTré’s photography team, he partly got to exercise his passion while also working with a bunch of the most passionate students around him. An all-rounder, Shubham believed that the fest helped him get an insight on the rather difficult skills of managing festivals.

Here’s looking forward to more amazing work from Shubham Khadve!

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By the Editorial Team.