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Arvinder Singh Soin – Surgeon

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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is one of the leading institutions for medical education and research in the country. Established in 1956 to serve as a nurturer of excellence in all aspects of health care, AIIMS is now regarded as a university of national importance because of its holistic contribution to society.

Not only is AIIMS known for producing some of the best doctors in the country, but is also equally well known for its annual cultural extravaganza, Pulse. The largest festival in South-East Asia for medical students, Pulse is a platform that invites some of the best visual talent in the country to participate and share their passions with one another. The medical students of AIIMS, alongside their daily classes and hospital rounds, ensure that the high standard of the festival is maintained, and have succeeded in making it well-known as an annual event every college student in Delhi looks forward to.

Tentative Keydates* of Entrance Examinations to be conducted during the year – 2016

1. DM/M.Ch (3 yrs.)/Fellowship Programme/MD (Hospital  Administration) July, 2016 Session
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 02nd  April, 2016 (Saturday)
Result  (Stage II) 08th  April, 2016  (Friday)
Department Assessment  (Stage II) 21st & 22nd  April, 2016 (Thursday & Friday)
Final Result Notification  26th  April, 2016  (Tuesday)
2. AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch (6 years)/DM (6 years) / MDS) July, 2016 Session
  Entrance Examination 08th  May, 2016 (Sunday)
  Result  14th  May, 2016 (Saturday)
1st Counselling 06th June ,2016 (Monday)
  2nd Counselling 13th June,2016 (Monday)
Open  Counselling 25th July,2016 (Monday)
3. M.B.B.S. 2016
  Entrance Examination 29th May, 2016 (Sunday)
  Result  14th June, 2016 (Tuesday)
  1st Counselling 04th, 05th, 06th & 07th July, 2016 (Monday-Thursday)
  2nd Counselling 04th August, 2016 (August)
  3rd Counselling 06th Sepetember, 2016 (Tuesday)
Open  Counselling  (If required) 27th September,2016 (Tuesday)
4. B.Sc. Para-Medical Courses 2016 
  Entrance Examination 11th  June, 2016 (Saturday) 
  Result  21st  June, 2016   (Tuesday)
  1st Counselling 30th June, 2016 (Thursday)
  2nd Counselling 11th July, 2016 (Monday)
  Open Counselling 19th September,2016 (Monday)
5. B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Basic)  2016
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 11th June, 2016 (Saturday)
Result  (Stage I) 21st  June, 2016  (Tuesday)
Personnel Assessment  (Stage II) 24th June, 2016  (Friday)
Result  Notification 28th June, 2016  (Tuesday)
6. B.Sc.( Hons.) Nursing 2016
  Entrance Examination 19th June, 2016 (Sunday)
Result  Notification 23rd   June, 2016 (Thursday)
1st Counselling 18th, 19th & 20th July, 2016 (Monday-Wednesday)
2nd Counselling 17th August, 2016 (Wednesday)
Open Counselling [If required] 26th September, 2016 (Monday)
7. M.Sc. Nursing 2016
  Entrance Examination 25th  June, 2016 (Saturday) 
  Result  Notification  04th July, 2016  (Monday)
  1st Counselling 12th July, 2016 (Tuesday)
  2nd Counselling 23rd July, 2016 (Saturday)
8. M.Sc. Courses 2016
  Entrance Examination 25th June, 2016 (Saturday)- Afternoon 
  Result  04th  July, 2016  (Monday)
9. Senior Resident/Senior Demonstrator  Exam July, 2016 Session
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 03rd   July, 2016 (Sunday)
Result  Notification (Stage I) 08th July, 2016 (Friday)
Interview (Stage II) 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th July, 2016 (Tuesday-Saturday)
Final Result Notification 02nd August, 2016 (Tuesday)
10 M. Biotechnology 2016
  Entrance Examination 09th  July, 2016   (Saturday)
  Result  Notification 13th  July, 2016  (Wednesday)
11 Ph.D. Programme  July, 2016  Session
  Entrance Examination (Stage I) 16th  July, 2016 (Saturday)
  Result  Notification (Stage I) 20th  July, 2016  (Wednesday)
Departmental Assessment (Stage II) 26th July,  2016  (Tuesday)
Final Result Notification 29th  July, 2016  (Friday)
12 DM/M.Ch (3 yrs.)/ Fellowship Programme/ MD(Hospital  Administration) January, 2017 Session
  Entrance Examination (Stage I) 05th  November, 2016 (Saturday)
  Result  Notification (Stage I) 10th  November, 2016 (Thursday)
Departmental Assessment  (Stage II) 22nd & 23rd November, 2016 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Final Result Notification 26th  November,  2016 ( Saturday)
13 AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch.(6 years)/ DM (6 years)/ MDS) January, 2017 Session
Entrance Examination 13th  November, 2016  (Sunday)
Result  Notification 19th  November, 2016  (Saturday)
1st Counselling 08th December, 2016 (Thursday)
2nd Counselling 19th December, 2016 (Monday)
Open Selection 24th January, 2017 (Tuesday)
14 Senior Resident/Senior Demonstrator Exam January, 2017 Session
  Entrance Examination (Stage I) 18th  December, 2016  (Sunday)
  Result  Notification (Stage I) 23rd   December, 2016 (Friday)
  Interview  (Stage II) 02nd, 03rd, 04th, 05th & 06th January, 2017 (Monday-Friday)
  Final Result Notification 20th January, 2017 (Friday)
15 Ph.D. Programme January, 2017  Session
  Entrance Examination  (Stage I) 14th January, 2017 (Saturday)
  Result  Notification (Stage I) 19th  January, 2017  (Thursday)
Departmental  Assessment (Stage II) 1st February, 2017 (Wednesday)
  Final Result Notification 6th February, 2017 (Monday)

Note:- These dates are tentative. Please visit the website for update etc.


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